Lethal reflections

Shot this yesterday and decided to post it here as well, haven’t really done anything over here since my yearly project ended. I wanted to test out some lighting and was instantly pleased with the results. Kind of headed in a different direction this year, not as many landscapes and more people and studio work.
glock 23-web

Project 366, Day 366

Last photo of the Project 366, thank you to those who supported me this year. I’ll be posting pics as things progress.

day 366

Project 366, Day 365

Shot with natural light, no reflectors or diffusers. Processed in ACR and CS6, then imported to Nik Color Efex Pro and a custom recipe was used to create this look, my girls liked it so I used it.

day 365

Project 366, Day 364

day 364

Project 366, Day 363

day 363

Project 366, Day 361

My oldest wanted to do a photo of her in her ski gear, I think she just wants to be in front of the camera. This was shot on white seamless background paper, with Elinchrom BXRi studio lights, I then added a pink gradient to enhance the image.

day 360

Project 366, Day 357

My youngest with an old friend.

day 357


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